Thursday, October 15, 2009


My name is Michael Hough (Pronounced-Huff) and I formed Hough Precious Metals to provide bullion products with great prices and great service. Many years ago I began to purchase gold and silver bars and coins and when more and more of my friends and family began to show interest in precious metals I decided to form a bullion company to provide this service for them and others.

I believe a good foundation for any business is by building relationships one person at a time. I believe that people are more important than money and that every single person is important and they should be treated that way. I also believe in taking the time to answer questions. I am not a financial advisor so I don't offer financial advice, rather what I do is serve people by offering them great prices and service on the items that I have in stock.

As I mentioned earlier, people are more important than money so it would be a privilege to be of service to YOU. You can contact me at (760) 217-5419 or email me at your convenience.


Neil said...

Hi Mike, checking out your web site, good start so far! I like the "What Matters Most" section, hope everyone reads it through and then gives it some thought. I will be seeing you.......

Anonymous said...

Hi Mike,

Spoke with you today, appreciate the time, information and willingness to help.'

your the first person I have spoken to in my many years of collecting, that was as open as you.

thank you much.

looking forward to doing more business with you...


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