Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gold vs. Cash

Many people think of gold as an investment when in reality the most important reason to own it is that it holds its value over time and this is evident in relation to cash. Please review the chart below as it is very telling of the purchasing power of gold in relation to cash (The US Dollar). The reason that the price of gold in US Dollars has risen so much is more a reflection of the value of our dollar. The US Dollar has been and is being devalued and purchasing gold in its physical form can help protect your wealth.

Obviously 1932 was a long time ago and this chart is not emphasizing that if you bought $100,000 worth of gold in 1932 that it would be worth over $4,000,000 dollars today rather the point is to show that it's much better to hold a portion of your money/wealth in gold rather than a paper currency that can be manipulated and devalued.


ahnn said...

Very well said. Cash value degraded so much. Gold is really a safe haven for investment.

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Vijay Sharma said...

you described very well that how we can make profit by gold instead of cash thanks..........
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