Sunday, September 13, 2009


Argentum (Latin for silver), The Incas of Peru called silver 'The tears of the moon.' Ag is the symbol for silver on the Periodic Table of Elements. Silver has many industrial uses-Jewelry, photography, computer components, to name a few. It is an excellent conductor of electricity. Why do I list the periodic table of elements symbol for silver??? Because it is something of substance. Silver is tangible, it's real compared to our currency which is "virtual money" that is just a piece of paper or rather a digital accounting entry. Our "dollars" are actually debt instruments but owning physical silver in bar and coin form is not someone else's liability which is what most of the "assets" of our financial system are based upon. I know some financial experts will tell you that silver is just a dumb piece of metal that sits there and doesn't earn any interest for you while they tell you to put your hard-earned Federal Reserve Notes (This is a more accurate definition of what our "dollars" are), into Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, or General Motors as they are "safe". What does this all have to do with silver??? Physical silver is real money. It's not someone else's liability (Unless you buy "paper" silver), and it is NOT going to go to zero in value. Silver bullion comes in many forms but some of the most common ways to purchase it are in bars ranging from 1-100 ounces, "junk" bags of pre-1970 dimes, quarters, and halves, US Mint produced 1 ounce Silver American Eagles, and 1 ounce silver rounds. To see all our Silver that is in-stock and ready to ship click Here.

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